Duel in the North: The Leningrad Campaign, Jun-Sep 1941

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Just got my copy of World At War magazine, issue #48 (April-May 2016).  And what do we find but a serious-looking game on Army Group North’s drive to Leningrad.  Now, there’s plenty of other games on the subject, but they seem to be either too big (GMT’s BARBAROSSA: ARMY GROUP NORTH) or too small (DG’s revision of the old SPI LENINGRAD  game).  Sure, there are few other medium-sized games out there, but this one is eye catching.

Duel in the North

For starters, it’s a chit pull activation system, based on headquarters units in the game.  Secondly, the historical game has everyone set up the way they were historically (of course!), but the alternative set up has both sides doing free deployment–and the Soviets set up with untried unit status.  Oh, how can one not love that–it’s like the DG/SPI version, but here we’re dealing with divisions on both sides, so there is far greater fidelity.


Am just going to have to play this game and see how it comes out.  Normally the DG games are a bit too simplistic, but not this one.  I think I may have hit on the Goldilocks version of this campaign–it’s “just right!”



  1. hipshotau says:

    Looks pretty. Let us all know how she plays!


  2. hipshotau says:

    Reblogged this on GO TO http://www.bigboardgaming.com and commented:
    Eric “Warlord ” Walters has started a blog. The world will hold its breath until the next post. I love his views on games, design and his depth of real world knowledge regarding Military Strategy.


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